Now What?

A Post-Davos To Do List

Dear Weary Travelers CEOs, 

Welcome back. I know that the Davos experience — mostly fun, very engaging, always interesting, sometimes even glamorous — can be exhausting.  Racing across town for around-the-clock meetings with world leaders and other important people at the World Economic Forum is a cool but daunting exercise. 

Some of your meetings were probably business as usual with customers, shareholders, and bankers. But more of your time at Davos was likely spent with different folks: activists, government officials, community leaders, NGOs, regulators, emerging global leaders, academics, journalists and even a few celebrities. They came from all over the world just to see you! You must be doing something right.

And you were pitched a breathtaking range of ideas from all corners . . .  only much of it was contradictory. NGOs urged you to pursue big philanthropic projects. WEF officials pushed you to join corporate working groups on priority global challenges. Some activists threatened to campaign against your company or even take you to court. Certain institutional investors seemed a bit confused, asking on the one hand for bold and very expensive long-term environmental commitments, but on the other hand cautioning against doing anything at the expense of near-term earnings. A few politicos warned you against going “woke.” And some troublemakers blasted you on social media, just for good measure. 

It’s a lot to take in. I’m sure you’re relieved to be back home. Get some rest. You’ve earned it. But then you have to get in gear. 

To make it a little easier on you, I’ve prepared this post-Davos To Do List.