Confidential Memo Leaked

Re: why we all need to eat less meat

To kick off the new year, we bring you this special issue of The Instigator that follows extensive investigative reporting. Below is a confidential memo written by the Chief of Staff at one of the biggest environmental NGOs to his CEO. Names have been deleted to protect our sources.  

Okay, just kidding. The memo below is fake. We made it up. But why aren’t memos like this being written? What do you think?  Do you agree that environmentalists should prioritize this important opportunity?  What would you do about this if you ran a big NGO?


Date: 1/2/23

From: Chief of Staff 

To: CEO  

Re: Strategy to Address Climate Change and Biodiversity Challenges

Good environmental progress was achieved over the past year. We should be proud that our organization played a key role in making that happen, alongside our fellow NGOs, government agencies, activists, and some private sector players. 

But we still face huge challenges. 

On the climate front, greenhouse gas emissions keep rising. And at the same time, biodiversity continues to decline largely due to ecosystem degradation.

To truly lead in our field, we need to determine how our NGO can best accelerate progress on both these fronts. What is the most important opportunity that is not getting enough attention and focus?