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Mindful Magazine
Nature and Mindfulness Find Common Ground
December 2017

“Tercek quickly won the respect of environmentalists and vastly expanded the work of The Nature Conservancy around the world. He credits not only his great colleagues, business acumen, and profound love of nature but also the practice of mindfulness meditation. He spoke with author Peter Jaret about the challenges of his job and the ways  mindfulness  has helped him.”

cover of delta sky magazine shows picture of mark tercek standing by river

Delta Sky
The Call of The Wild
April 2017

“That a finance guy could add value to an environmental group—not to mention one as prestigious and time-honored as The Nature Conservancy—may at first seem counterintuitive… Yet, as he discovered, the business world and the conservation world are not so different. Partnerships between the two can bring fantastic mutual benefits—and it was precisely Tercek’s 24 years at Goldman Sachs that allowed him to help the Conservancy unlock those benefits.”

The New Yorker
Green is Good
May 2014

“When Tercek was offered the top job at the Nature Conservancy, in 2008, he took a salary cut of roughly ninety per cent. He wanted to manage a large organization and was eager to try out some of his ideas. The Nature Conservancy’s announcement of Tercek’s hire emphasized his skills at finding “innovative possibilities for aligning economic forces with conservation.”fits.”

Nantucket Magazine
Captain Planet
June 2019

“Though he’s optimistic about the potential impact that The Nature Conservancy’s projects offer, Tercek says that real, meaningful change to the future of the environment hinges on governmental policy. He believes that the United States is among the global leaders that have taken a crushing step backward in addressing climate change, and he hopes business leaders can force the hand of policymakers to get it back on track. “We are so far behind where we need to be on climate change, it kind of breaks my heart,” he says.”

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