Bold environmental strategies can make business sense.

Let’s explore them.

The world has changed. Business can no longer ignore demands from stakeholders to address major challenges like the environment and climate change. Business shouldn’t miss the opportunities and upside that come with addressing such challenges either. I work with leaders to achieve practical, scalable, profitable, and positive environmental outcomes.

I’m Mark Tercek.

I draw on my unique professional background to address the intersection of environmental, financial, and business challenges and opportunities. I spent 24 years at Goldman Sachs, where I was a partner and managing director. After leading various business units at the firm including equity capital markets, corporate finance, real estate, and consumer/healthcare, I was asked in 2005 by then-CEO Henry M. Paulson to build and lead the firm’s first environmental effort. We were one of the first businesses to pursue such opportunities in ways that achieved both financial and environmental outcomes. Three years later, I was ready to take my newfound passion for the environment even further. I became CEO of the Nature Conservancy (TNC) —the world’s largest environmental nonprofit organization, operating in all 50 states and 72 countries.

During my 11-year tenure at TNC,  we doubled down on science, worked across political and industry lines, and invested in systems to optimize performance among global staff. I also led the creation of NatureVest (TNC’s impact capital initiative), drove a $7 billion capital fundraising campaign, and established a permanent department focused on gender, diversity, equity, and inclusion (GDEI).

Today I am a speaker, writer, and advisor to business, institutional investors, and climate start-ups. I am also husband to Amy, dad to Ali, Margo, Luke, and Rex, an aikido aficionado, and a steadfast vegan.

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