Author name: Mark Tercek

On Alchemy

How to Turn Big Challenges into Big Opportunities GreenBiz published an adapted version of the following post on April 11, 2023. I had the pleasure of participating in the Aspen Institute’s recent climate conference in Miami. It’s always a good event, but this year was a particularly opportune moment to survey the landscape and assess where things stand […]

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Private Sector to the Rescue?

How Business Can Accelerate Climate Resilience Efforts The following is my keynote address to Indiaspora’s Third Annual Climate Summit held last week, which brought together environmental experts and community leaders who are engaged in seeking out solutions to the current climate crisis. My remarks sparked a lively Q&A and I thought readers of The Instigator would like

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The Race of our Lives

How the private sector can help us win The following is a speech I delivered this week to all employees at an innovative company called GridPoint. The company provides businesses the knowledge and tools to optimize their energy usage through a subscription service, with the goal of lowering both their emissions and costs.  (Disclosure: I’m

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The Art of Forecasting

Read this book and wake up to the future. How does an analyst forecast an organization’s success? Typically, they begin with a “SWOT” (Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat) analysis, with a lot of focus on what the organization is doing to address the T.   But if you don’t see a threat, or see it fully, you can’t address it

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Now What?

A Post-Davos To Do List Dear Weary Travelers CEOs,  Welcome back. I know that the Davos experience — mostly fun, very engaging, always interesting, sometimes even glamorous — can be exhausting.  Racing across town for around-the-clock meetings with world leaders and other important people at the World Economic Forum is a cool but daunting exercise.  Some of

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Confidential Memo Leaked

Re: why we all need to eat less meat To kick off the new year, we bring you this special issue of The Instigator that follows extensive investigative reporting. Below is a confidential memo written by the Chief of Staff at one of the biggest environmental NGOs to his CEO. Names have been deleted to protect our sources.   Okay, just

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Protecting Earth’s Underground Heroes

There are entire ecosystems thriving beneath our feet. I co-authored this week’s Instigator with Toby Kiers, Professor of Evolutionary Biology and University Research Chair at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Executive Director of the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN). I serve as the Chair of SPUN’s Board of Directors.  SPUN’s mission is to protect

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Let’s Lower the Temperature of Political Infighting (pun intended)

Here’s how you can do your part this Thanksgiving. It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US, traditionally a time to pause, reflect on what we’re grateful for and express our appreciation.  I’d like to thank the readers of The Instigator for all of your engagement with us. You keep us on our toes, regularly challenge our positions,

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What to do After Ian

Use it to Start Some Broad, Bi-Partisan Dialogue Winston Churchill is credited with the expression, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The context was the end of World War II, one of the most destructive and tragic events in world history. And the opportunity he found in its aftermath was the formation of

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