Leadership Matters

Let’s Do Something About It

In the two weeks since The Instigator was last in your inbox, it seems as though the world has plummeted into darkness. Beginning with the Hamas massacre in Israel and followed by the subsequent war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, every day we confront horrific news. This while the Russian war against Ukraine wages on and there is grave concern of additional outbreaks of conflict – whether it be the prospect of war (possibly by proxy) with Iran or fears of an emboldened China seizing some moment of distraction to move on Taiwan. Not to mention the nuclear weapon buildup in North Korea. The world certainly faces some daunting risks. 

International conflict is not my area of expertise nor the primary topic of this newsletter. But it does affect us all, much like climate change. And it’s easy to feel helpless given the scale and severity of the challenges, and of course the painful human toll. 

But it does strike me that there is one thing every concerned citizen can and should do. We should do our best to elect honorable and competent leaders who will prioritize and engage seriously on these complex issues. 

That may sound obvious but when I look around, I am not sure.