How Ambitious is Apple’s Climate Program?

When is good good enough?

Apple has been making a lot of news with its climate claims lately. But how ambitious is its climate program really? 

That question provoked an interesting discussion on LinkedIn last week. 

The debate really boiled down to the following question: “Where exactly should we set the bar for voluntary climate action?”

Auden Schendler, a frontline environmentalist and someone I very much respect, shared an article on LinkedIn questioning Apple’s claims of climate progress. I was surprised by Auden’s critical commentary and also surprised that it had earned the concurrence of Joe Romm, a prominent climate intellectual whom I greatly respect. 

My response won’t surprise diligent readers of The InstigatorI think highly of Apple and its voluntary climate commitments and said so.

Indeed, I can’t really think of any other company doing better than Apple (other than perhaps Patagonia, which is in a league of its own).