Get to Know: Dr. Eliza Nemser

And Find Out How You Can Drive Climate Policy

In response to one of our recent issues in which we urged our readers to do more to build bipartisan support for climate policy, many of you asked for specific suggestions on how you can best engage in politics. I immediately thought l should introduce you to my friend Eliza Nemser, whose organization Climate Changemakers answers just that question. Eliza and team provide a roadmap for you to take action and advocate for bold, science-based equitable climate solutions. You can see some of their impressive recent work here.

Meet Eliza Nemser

“What can I do?” lament many climate-concerned citizens with regard to our inadequate public climate policy and the daunting divisiveness and polarization around the issue.

Let’s ask Eliza.

1. What are the most promising initiatives underway at your organization?

At Climate Changemakers, we’re cultivating effective climate advocates, and to me, that’s inherently exciting. We do this by equipping volunteers with opportunities and resources to advance timely, high-impact climate policies.

For example, since the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage, we’ve been focused on mobilizing volunteers to fast-track the rollout of various federal climate programs. Working in collaboration with EDF Action, we just launched our Solar For All campaign. We’re rallying constituents nationwide to let states and municipalities know how to tap into the $7 billion in EPA grants aimed at catalyzing solar energy development in disadvantaged and low-income communities.

We’ve also begun to expand our reach by hosting our flagship ‘Hour of Action’ events for partners, from fellow climate organizations to companies of all sizes where employees are looking for team-building opportunities that include meaningful climate action.