Summer Book Picks

Great Enviro-Themed Reads

It’s been a while since we published a post on books, so I thought I’d share my “hottest” recommendations, just in time for summer.

Birnam Wood: A Novel by Eleanor Catton  

Expectation: I started this book because I thought it was another climate fiction (“cli-fi”) novel — a genre I not only enjoy but think is important.  

Reality: A superb thriller and a great read in all respects.

My Take:  Eleanor Catton is an amazingly talented writer. I loved this book and can convey bonus recommendations from my wife and one of our daughters. 

Further Reading: Ministry for the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson, Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson, and The Deluge by Stephen Markley. All great and all suited for the beach (so long as you’re a climate geek like me who doesn’t mind taking a close look at a possibly dystopian near-future.)