On Alchemy

How to Turn Big Challenges into Big Opportunities

GreenBiz published an adapted version of the following post on April 11, 2023.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Aspen Institute’s recent climate conference in Miami. It’s always a good event, but this year was a particularly opportune moment to survey the landscape and assess where things stand when it comes to making progress against various environmental challenges. It had me really appreciating companies such as BP as climate innovators. That may sound strange, but hear me out.  

Two things stood out to me: 

  1. We’re at an inflection point.
  2. Audacious private-sector led environmental problem solving is absolutely pivotal for leading the way forward. 

What do I mean by inflection point? I mean that looking back, we’ve come a remarkable way. But looking ahead, there’s still quite a distance to travel.