What To Do Right Now

Environmentalists’ top priority should be finding agreement with diverse players Forgive me for putting a damper on your (too) hot summer, but I’m back with an obvious and urgent reminder. We are facing a climate emergency. Time is not on our side. Yes, there have been some victories. In the US, the most important was

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Nestle Gets Real about Net Zero

Other Companies Should Follow Suit This week’s newsletter is co-written with my friend Peter Ebsen.  To read our earlier primers on how nature-based carbon removal projects can accelerate climate progress in a progressive way, see here and here, and for our primer on climate disclosures, see here. Many readers are asking what we think about Nestle’s recent statements that

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Another Inconvenient Truth

Why business leaders should speak up on ESG. If there’s one consistent topic we focus on here at The Instigator, it’s the very big bet that society is making on the corporate sector’s voluntary efforts to address the climate crisis.  So imagine my surprise when I came across a Wall Street Journal article this past week reporting that companies

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Summer Book Picks

Great Enviro-Themed Reads It’s been a while since we published a post on books, so I thought I’d share my “hottest” recommendations, just in time for summer. Birnam Wood: A Novel by Eleanor Catton   Expectation: I started this book because I thought it was another climate fiction (“cli-fi”) novel — a genre I not only

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