Calling ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

Why You Should Read Tom Steyer’s New Climate Book

Legendary investor and climate warrior Tom Steyer is out with a great new book. I recommend you all read it. I listened to the audio version and really enjoyed Tom’s enthusiastic narration. His sincerity, clear thinking, determination, and charisma shine through. 

(Disclosure: I know Tom and have admired his leadership in the climate space for a long time.)

Here are some parts of the book that really caught my attention: 

On the title 

The book’s title — Cheaper, Faster, Better — is fine, but I think it undersells the content Tom tackles. To be sure, Tom does a good job of making the case that innovation will in fact produce cheaper, faster, and better ways to address climate challenges. But this idea is now well established and broadly understood. What’s more interesting to me is where Tom ventures into less familiar terrain.