Big Opportunities in Dubai

COP28 is the ideal setting for global climate collaboration

The Instigator is co-authored this week by me and my friend Peter Ebsen. (See hereherehere, and here for past articles we’ve written together.)

The next climate COP is taking place in a few short weeks. And it’s a good thing, because many important matters demand the attention of the climate community right now. We’re both excited about participating in the COP, and we have a concrete list of priorities in hand, which we detail below. 

What about you? Where specifically do you hope to see progress? And if you’re going to be there, what topics will be your focus?  Please let us know.     


Two big things happen at COPs. 

First, under the auspices of the United Nations, diplomats, multilateral representatives, and NGO leaders engage in global rulemaking. This is vital work, but we will leave its coverage to the media that does it so well. 

Second, the COP now also functions like a global trade fair for climate opportunities. This is where a lot of cross-collaboration is born, as private sector players (companies, money managers/investors, bankers, lawyers), NGOs, activists, academics, and political leaders all push one another in connection with various key opportunities. We think this type of cross-sector collaboration is the most important ingredient for accelerated climate progress, so this is where we will focus our time. 

Here are the priority questions we’d like to tackle at the COP: