Author name: Mark Tercek

Voluntary Quasi-Regs for Climate: Better than Nothing, But Insufficient 

Most climate advocates (including me) agree what we need most to accelerate climate progress is more ambitious public policy. Things like:  High and rising carbon taxes or cap and trade programs (with measures to address regressive impacts) Mandates (like renewable portfolio standards)  Incentives (like tax breaks for home heating electrification or CCS), and  Border adjustment […]

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ESG in Action

Reporting from the GreenBiz 22 ESG Conference Editor’s Note: It’s difficult not to be distracted and discouraged right now by the terrible war underway in Ukraine. Our hearts go out to everyone in harm’s way, including Yuliia, our illustrator. We must do everything we can to support efforts to end this aggression ASAP. At the same

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How to Handle Investor Demands Re: Climate Strategy

Shareholders to CEOs: “Act on Climate or Else!”

Will The New (Green) Corporate Raiders Accelerate Progress? Say you’re the CEO of a publicly-traded company in the Fortune 500. Chances are you’ve already made a net-zero commitment with a 2050 deadline. Thank you. Your company has also likely taken some real action. You’ve told your team to pursue all of the low-cost, obvious climate friendly moves.

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Who Pays For Corporate Net-Zero Commitments?

A few weeks ago, I posted a Wall Street Journal article on LinkedIn about the availability of zero-carbon steel but at significantly higher prices.   I asked the question: “Who will pay these higher costs?”   The consensus reaction from my environmentally-concerned LinkedIn friends was: “We all should.” I agree. We all share the responsibility to address the climate challenge.  But now

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Climate Influence Starts at Home Over the summer break, some friends who subscribe to The Instigator challenged me with the following question:  “What about China? Even if business leaders in the US follow your advice and pursue the ambitious corporate strategies to address climate change that you recommend, will it even matter? China keeps building coal plants. Unless