Author name: Mark Tercek

Get to Know: Stephen Markley

And see how a novelist pushes for climate action One of our favorite pastimes at The Instigator is recommending books that can drive climate progress. One of our recent favorites was The Deluge by Stephen Markley. It is so all-encompassing, I just had to talk to the author about his thinking behind this novel and the climate crisis generally.  Meet […]

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What’s your 2.0?

Three concrete steps to begin a career transition Many people are pursuing second acts these days. Whether it’s post-retirement, a mid-career switch, or a transition after an initial foray into a profession, fewer and fewer people are pursuing a linear career path, let alone a singular one.   If you’re contemplating a move, you may be

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Leadership Matters

Let’s Do Something About It In the two weeks since The Instigator was last in your inbox, it seems as though the world has plummeted into darkness. Beginning with the Hamas massacre in Israel and followed by the subsequent war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, every day we confront horrific news. This while the Russian war against

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Get to Know: Frank Loy

And learn how you – like Frank – can become a not-so-accidental and influential environmentalist Frank Loy is an amazing person. He is also an unconventional environmentalist. He began his career as a corporate lawyer with the oldest and largest law firm in Los Angeles. He left a couple of times to take government positions

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What To Do Right Now

Environmentalists’ top priority should be finding agreement with diverse players Forgive me for putting a damper on your (too) hot summer, but I’m back with an obvious and urgent reminder. We are facing a climate emergency. Time is not on our side. Yes, there have been some victories. In the US, the most important was

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