Mark Tercek

Trouble Ahead

Biodiversity extinction markets break down as prices soar. Like the global carbon offset program, the international biodiversity extinction credit market is designed to organize the private sector’s responsibility to pay for the environmental consequences of their business activity. The specific goal is to incentivize companies to reach net-zero extinction-causing behavior.  Under the global extinction credit …

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News You May Have Missed

President Biden makes a key climate nomination Back-to-back good news on the climate front is good news indeed. I for one could get used to this unexpected but very welcome turn of events when it comes to government action on climate.   First was the incredible news of the Manchin-Schumer climate proposal (aka The Inflation Reduction Act), which …

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Voluntary Quasi-Regs for Climate: Better than Nothing, But Insufficient 

Most climate advocates (including me) agree what we need most to accelerate climate progress is more ambitious public policy. Things like:  High and rising carbon taxes or cap and trade programs (with measures to address regressive impacts) Mandates (like renewable portfolio standards)  Incentives (like tax breaks for home heating electrification or CCS), and  Border adjustment …

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